Mass Building with Protein

Packing on lean muscle mass with protein. A diet rich in quality protein along with routine strength training is essential for building muscle mass.

Whether you’re goal is to bulk up or simply obtain a lean fit profile, you must accept the fact that lean muscle mass is the core layer of a healthy and fit body. Maintaining and building muscle is an essential component of every diet and exercise program. Unfortunately, lean muscle mass is harder to build and maintain as we age – and no one is getting younger.

The decrease in muscle building hormones – testosterone in men and estrogen in women – is the primary reason we struggle to pack on the lean muscle mass our bodies require. But don’t worry, regular resistance training coupled with proper nutritional supplementation aids in the process of maintaining healthy hormone levels and building lean muscle mass.

Strength training is integral to building and maintaining muscle mass, but only when combined with a nutritional regime rich in protein.